Elevate Your Grooming
Vector minimalist illustration of a person's hands touching a cat's cheeks as the cat is relaxed and happy with the cat's head resembling a person's head plus the cat is wearing a pink spa robe alongside typographic title Scottish Folds' Spa Day
by Blake Hernandez

 ome trends never die. Sure, things like glitter balls come and go, but trends that make sense can become classics, like the little black dress. For me, a trend that came in like a hurricane was Asian Fusion grooming. But with some tweaking and mindfulness for maintenance, I believe Tidy Fusion or Tidy with a cute face is a trend that’s here to stay.

A hand using clippers on the back of a white dog

FIG 1) Using the length of hair on the dog’s elbow as reference, begin clipping your back and trunk coat in line with that. Here I used a ⅝” guard comb.

Closeup of hand using clippers to trim a white dog's rear

FIG 2) From beneath the point of rump, use a ⅜” guard to show off the dog’s bend of stifle.

A closeup of a hand using clippers to trim the fur off a white dog's upper arm
FIG 3) The upper arm of the dog should also be exposed by using a ½” guard to prominently show this angle.
A closeup of clippers trimming fur off a white dog's thigh
FIG 4) Then use a ¾” guard on your thigh muscle group and skim down to the table in an “A” frame.
A hand using clippers to trim the fur on the upper arm of a white dog
FIG 5) Repeat this in the front with your shoulder muscle group, but instead it should be perpendicular to the ground; not an “A” frame.
A hand using clippers to trim the fur on a white dog's chest
FIG 6) Use a ¾” guard comb to clip down the hair on the point of chest to achieve a proud, upright chest.
A hand trimming the stomach of a white dog with clippers
FIG 7) From the tuck-up into the deepest part of the brisket, use a ½” guard comb.
A hand using scissors to shape the fur on a white dog's hind leg
FIG 8) Now use a straight scissor to sculpt a straight line into an “A” frame on the inside of the legs.
Closeup of white dig's hind leg being trimmed with scissors
FIG 9) Then repeat this on the outside, always pointing your scissors up.
A closeup of chunker scissors trimming fur off the neck of a white dog
FIG 10) Use a chunker to trim anything bulging over from your neck.
Clippers trimming the on a white dog's face
FIG 11) Tight cheeks with a blade like a #7F are preferable for me here, but you could use up to a #4F.
Scissors thinning the fur around a white dog's eye
FIG 12) Use a curved thinner reversed to trim the outside corner of the eye super tight and seamless.
Scissors shaping the fur around a white dog's face
FIG 13) In order to achieve a perky cheek and smiley expression, use a small curved scissor and follow the lip line behind the eye corner.
Scissors making the fur around a white dog's mouth round
FIG 14) Comb everything up and trim to complete your donut muzzle and make sure the eyes pop.
A closeup of a hand showing the fur on the top of a white dog's head
FIG 15) To finish, style the topknot your own way. Here I went for a “poodley” pattern.
There you have it, a trendy but timeless Tidy Fusion trim. You could even follow these instructions for curly, wavy or drop coats and achieve an easy-to-maintain and expressive pet style.