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Sleep Hygienics Rx Clinical Pet Bed
Hot spots, flea and mite allergies, and itchy bacterial inflammation are often first noticed by groomers. Now, groomers can significantly reduce the pain and suffering of pets by recommending the drug-free Rx Clinical Pet Bed. As the first pet bed focused on the same environmental control measures prescribed by allergists and dermatologists for humans, it reduces suffering by minimizing exposure and creating a healthy sleep environment that blocks fleas, mites, and bedbugs. The beds also have a bacteria-killing antimicrobial bonded fabric that safely reduces skin flares. Rx Clinical Bedding will only be available online through referrals from groomers and veterinarians to ensure the integrity of recommendations for specific skin problems.
Duz V2Pro Upgraded Professional Hands-Free Pet Dryer


With a 360-degree adjustable tube and hands-free operation, the duz pet dryer provides a comprehensive solution for pet grooming anywhere. The advanced PMSM motor operates at 10000rpm, offering a powerful airflow while maintaining a low noise level of 69.7dB, and consumes only 900W, making it an eco-friendly choice while still delivering superior performance. It also features intuitive touch buttons for fan speed and heat control, along with an ALCI Plug and a 30-minute auto shut-off feature for safety and energy efficiency. The compact size, lightweight design, and long hose make it easy to handle and transport, and it includes a wall-mount attachment for various setup options.
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