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July 2023
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by Jen Phillips April
by Lynn Paolillo
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Groomer’s Guide
Make Scheduling Work For YOU!
by Jennifer Bishop Jenkins
It is said that there are two sides to every coin. It is good that pet groomers are generally in high demand; it is good that we have plenty of work; and it is good that the laws of supply and demand work in our favor, and shops can raise prices accordingly. But, the other side of the coin is the toll stress takes on our lives and bodies…

Older groomers with health challenges can’t increase production, and it is challenging even for the young and healthy to groom more dogs in a day. Worse yet, just when we have the potential to make the most money, the United States has the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, making it difficult to find staffing. Hiring a skilled groomer is especially difficult because the laws of supply and demand also work in their favor. Given these challenges, how we schedule our workday becomes critically important.

Scheduling Challenges For Our Industry
Unlike scheduling an appointment at a doctor’s office or other service, pet grooming has significant distinctions that make our scheduling a challenge. Not only are dogs live animals, but they also have differing personalities, levels of maturity and training, physical attributes, and even levels of comfort with the grooming process. Dogs have different coat types that dictate the time it takes to bathe, dry and brush them out. Age and breed can also influence their needs and behaviors, with each being unique in how long it takes to groom them.

Many grooming operations are now booking weeks, months or even a year in advance, making accuracy critical. The further in advance you book appointments, the less flexible you become. Clients who wait two months to get an appointment will not be happy if it becomes necessary to move them at the last minute.

But Why?
A Tool For Every Task
by Jonathan David
A dog with hands holding different grooming tells next to it
Tradeshow season is in full swing with another half a year of shows left to go, and this year has already been a busy one. One of my favorite things about the grooming shows is getting to discover new products and tools that have hit the market, designed to make our lives as pet groomers just a little bit better. I love walking the show floor, aisle by aisle, browsing the booths and looking at everything to see if there’s something new that catches my eye. That’s how I have acquired most of my tools—exploring and discovering and learning about new products in person.

But why do we need new products when we have so many already?

Nobody is going to reinvent the wheel; they work just fine the way they are. However, through the years, the wheel has been redesigned over and over to improve upon its use and function. Grooming tools are similar in that way. Many of the tools we use have a great design, but through the years, some of those products have been redesigned to work a little bit better, more efficiently and with more ease.

Groomer Story
by Jen Phillips April
Photos provided by Miguel Valera
Groom Expo 2006 in Hershey, Pennsylvania opened Miguel Valera’s eyes to the possibilities of pet grooming. At the time, he worked in Miami as a vet tech and was doing pet sitting on the side.

Valera says, “I wanted to return the pets clean and with fresh haircuts as an all-in-one service that would set me apart from the other pet sitters. I bought a videotape to learn to cut pet hair, and my first client was the building maintenance manager.”

While he says that first haircut wasn’t the best, it gave him a start. In pursuit of improvement, Miguel bought more training tapes and searched for in-person training classes.

Grooming Matters
Nail Care Necessities title
by Daryl Conner
Have you ever stopped to think about how many claws you have trimmed throughout your career? Even if you’ve only been grooming for a few years, the number is probably impressive. The job is pretty straightforward, but there are a variety of tools and products available to make things go more smoothly and result in a better end product.
No matter which type of trimmer you use, it is imperative that the blades be sharp or the pet will experience a crushing sensation before the nail is shortened. This can make even the most tolerant pet dread having their nails handled.
Grooming Gab
illustration of women with cartoon thought bubble portraying network
To Grow Your Business
by Kathy Hosler
Everyone has their favorite grooming tools…the ones you always reach for and depend on to produce great results on the pets you groom. In addition to the equipment you use while grooming, there are special tools that can help you build your business. And one of the most important is networking.
The Benefits of Networking
Many groomers don’t realize how valuable this tool can be, but it can have a powerful impact on your business and career. It’s not a tool that you put away at the end of your work day; it’s one you take with you wherever you go.

Effective networking can deliver more return on investment (ROI) than any other tool at your disposal. And, you don’t need any specialized training to make it work for you. If you can talk and interact with others, you can network.

No matter how long you have been grooming, learning to network with other industry professionals can open many doors for you. Here are some ways to get started in networking:

Derm Connection
The Forgotten
illustration of woman holding calculator
by Dr. Cliff Faver
Is groomers, there is much talk about the best scissors, brushes, dryers, etc. And there are tons of seminars, booths at the tradeshows, and articles discussing all the different pros and cons of these tools. But sometimes the most important tool is forgotten—the calculator.

To succeed as a groomer, we must first have some business savvy to weather the trials and tribulations of running a business. Without that skill, the chances of survival in this precarious business world are often questionable.

Know Your Numbers
The good news is, that in the day and age of computers, calculations are often done for us. But the secret is, we still must evaluate the results regularly. When was the last time you broke down the percentage of all your major costs? Do you know what percentage goes to the employees (bathers separate from groomers), rent, shampoo and conditioner, utilities, office supplies and profit? How did that compare to last year? Have you separated out paying yourself for what you do grooming-wise versus profit?

Many of you don’t realize that if you did those numbers, you would find out you are working to pay the employees, and there is no profit. Many groomers would make more money working as an employee rather than being an owner. But there is only one way to know that for sure, and that is to run the numbers.

Better Cat Grooming
7 Ways to Bring More Cats Into Your Salon
by Lynn Paolillo
7 Ways to Bring More Cats Into Your Salon
by Lynn Paolillo
Tor many cat groomers, the phone is ringing off the hook. But for others, the calls may be few and far between. With the need for cat grooming on the rise, here are seven ways to increase the number of cat clients reaching out to your business.
pink cat silhouette with number one text
Have a Shop Cat.
One simple way to create a feline-friendly atmosphere is to have a resident shop cat. Not only can a friendly feline help promote styles and grooming services, but having a cat on the premises can also be a great conversation starter for clients. A huge selling point is to have clients “feel” the difference of a well-groomed cat.

Having a shop cat can also be a great way to build a rapport with local cat owners and create a sense of community around your salon. Sarah Warner, owner of Aristocats Feline Day Spa in Brisbane, Australia, has a huge following around her shop cat, Sebastian, of clients from nearby businesses who regularly stop by to get their kitty fix.

The Cutting Edge A Guide to Sharpening and Shear Care
by Matthew Runkle
Photos by Matthew Runkle
As a trade professional, your equipment is essential and critical to your ability to perform your job. The condition of your equipment can make a difference in the quality of work you produce, as well as reduce wear and tear on your body. Your shears can be a significant investment and can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars for a good pair; therefore, we must maintain our shears by regularly cleaning them and storing them properly to protect those delicate sharp edges, as well as use them as they were designed.

Another important aspect is routine maintenance of the shears, including sharpening and repairs if and when necessary. There are two ways to go about this: One way is to send shears to the manufacturer and have them use their in-house sharpener to touch up your shears.

(Keep in mind, this could take up to a week or more to have them returned so having a backup set is crucial.) The other way is using a local sharpener that is in your area. This does allow for a quicker return time, but there could be a trade-off with the quality of the sharpening. Having a relationship with a knowledgeable and qualified sharpener can greatly help. Unfortunately, as with any industry, not everyone is out to be the best that they can be or have the focus and integrity to provide high-quality work; some are just out to make a paycheck and this is the trade they chose to work in.

Elevate Your Grooming
"The Foot Stool" Clip typographic title in white/blue stroke outline
by Blake Hernandez
After photograph pose of a dog with the finished "The Foot Stool" clip look (a functional freestyle haircut trim) in which the body resembles a heated pillow
Before photograph pose of a dog with his tongue out getting ready for a "The Foot Stool" clip (a functional freestyle haircut trim)
Uppercase letter T dropcap with quotation mark before letter white/blue stroke outlinehe Foot Stool” clip is another name for “just shave the mats,” “the airpod case” or “the other lamb trim”—all pretty humorous ways to describe this surprisingly functional freestyle trim. This trim keeps the fur closer to the ground clean and tidy longer, and basically turns the dog’s body into a heated pillow!
Yes, Dear…
White icons
Gwen with illustrated frame and border
by Anjie Coates
Photo by Anjie Coates
White icons
  • My friend Amy Remy was competing with her dog, Walter, in Salon Freestyle when we were at Intergroom so I got to babysit her other Wire Fox Terrier, Gwen, for her while she was in the ring.
  • Scissors
    “OK, Gwen, we’ve got to get to class,” I say.
  • Dog
    Gwen: “OK!”
  • Scissors
    We walk into the AKC Advanced SAFE Groomer course and head right to the front of the class where two members of our salon, Ashley and Christine, are already seated and waiting for me and Gwen.
  • Scissors
    “This is us, my dear. Here, you can sit beside me,” I tell her.
  • Dog
    Gwen: “Beside you? You think so?”
  • Scissors
    “Not beside me?” I ask.
  • Dog
    Gwen: “No.”
  • Scissors
    She climbs into my lap and sits on me with a big grin.
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New Products
Artero Nature Collection Flexible Double Slicker

Artero’s Flexible Double Slicker Brush is specially designed for brushing and untangling dogs and cats of all types. It features a flexible brush head with a metal plate that joins the two sides, allowing it to bend to one side or the other to adapt to the surface being brushed. The grey side with thinner bristles and random positioning is ideal for stretching the hair and opening the coat, and the black side with thicker bristles in the shape of a row is for untangling. The ecological brush is made of bamboo and comes in recyclable cardboard packaging.

Pet Groomer Boost Magic Fit 8in Straight Shear

This shear provides an effortless cut through even the coarsest of coats. The semi-convex edges are suitable for everyday grooming or finish work and the 440c Japanese steel ensures a long lasting sharp edge. The Magic Fit 8in Straight Shear fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for a smoother cut. The offset design of the rings and the support allow a greater opening and a better anatomical position, keeping your wrist straight and your elbow close to your body, which allows better blood circulation, avoiding shoulder, elbow and wrist fatigue.

If you have a flare for bathing, brushing & styling hair, if you think cleaning ears & cutting nails is cool, call me, (760)729-1708. I’m over 70 years old, cute grooming business in the quaint Village of Carlsbad, CA, 7 blocks from the beach.
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