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Local groomers rally to support ukranian groomer Anya Kravchuk
The top tools for de-shedding and stripping fur-type coats
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September 2022
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Sometimes Heroes Wear Grooming Smocks
by Jonathan David
The Top Tools for De-shedding and Stripping Fur-type coats
by Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins
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Grooming Gab

keep your motor running title
by Kathy Hosler
As important as a clipper is to the smooth operation of your business, what about the person who is using them?

e pet groomers rely on specialized tools and equipment to enable us to safely and efficiently perform our jobs. Therefore, the breakdown or failure of one critical piece of equipment can bring our day to a screeching halt. That’s why having everything in good working order is crucial.

Most stylists depend on their clippers more than any other piece of equipment, so keeping them operating is a must. But as important as a clipper is to the smooth operation of your business, what about the person who is using them?

That person (you) also deserves to be a priority and to be treated with a little TLC. Actually, there are many similarities in the way they both should be cared for…

Sometimes Heroes Wear Grooming Smocks
Local Groomers Rally to Support Ukranian Groomer Anya Kravchuk

by Jonathan David
Photos by Animal Photography


e’ve all heard the saying, “not all heroes wear capes.” Well, the same holds true in other aspects of heroism. However, in this case, the saying would be followed up with, “sometimes heroes wear grooming smocks.”

Often there are hidden heroes who come to the aid of people within a professional community; heroes, because even the smallest act of kindness and contribution go a long way to help another who, for one reason or another, finds themselves struggling. Our wonderful grooming community is filled with everyday hidden heroes just like that, and at Barkleigh’s PetQuest grooming show this past June, while some didn’t even realize these heroes were at work, the community came together to help another groomer in need.

With the assistance of silent heroes like judge Susan Sholar and fellow competition groomer Blake Hernandez, they rallied companies like Diamondg and Foxy Roxy Supply Company to supply a groomer in need with nail grinders, scissors, brushes and combs so that she could fulfill her dream to compete in the U.S.

You may be asking yourself, why this is so significant? Who is this groomer?

Anya Kravchuk is a Ukrainian pet groomer from the capitol city of Kyiv where she has worked for the last 12 years. She is certified with the European Grooming Association and has competed in several EGA grooming competitions. In 2015, she opened her own salon in Kyiv called “Grooming Territory” where she was also an instructor, running a small pet grooming academy in the same location. However, in March of this year, she sadly had to leave everything behind—her family, her tools, her livelihood—so she could flee the country with her five-year-old son to take refuge with a friend here in the United States after the war in Ukraine broke out.

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The Tools for De-shedding and Stripping Fur-type Coats title with an image of a black Scottish Terrier
by Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

ost of the hundreds of millions of dogs in the world have a fur-type coat, or pre-determined length (PDL) coat, that grows to a certain length and stops. It is the natural evolved canine coat, which is still seen in the wild on other canids like wolves and foxes. De-shedding is what most dogs need, and it is a significant source of income for our grooming industry.

Care of the Fur-Type Coat

On fur-type dogs, we use tools that focus on removing the shedding coat, including blow dryers, rakes, de-shedding tools, stripping and carding tools, in addition to brushes and combs. What we do to the “jacket” area, or upper torso, is what matters the most for the proper care of that dog’s coat. Cutting the jacket area of a fur-type dog can forever change and damage the natural balance of what is the naturally evolved canine coat; a two (or more) layered coat made up of very different primary hairs (also called topcoat or guard hairs) and secondary hairs (or the insulating undercoat that sheds out seasonally).

Salon Spotlight
Interior of pet salon
Pawmaste Pet Spa
by Jen Phillips April
Photos by Devin Veilleux
“Our animals are a gift to us. My hope is that we’ll use their example and follow their lead and try to see each other in the same way. The world will be a better place if we have more of that.”
-Liz Hutchinson

iz Hutchinson’s Palmer, MA pet salon, Pawmastè, specializes in nurturing care in the form of dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig grooming services, as well as pet massage therapy and reiki.

“I always wanted my salon to be a place of well-being for everyone. I chose the name ‘Pawmastè’ as a play on the Sanskrit word, ‘Namastè,’ which means, ‘I see you and we are one.’ That’s the vibe I want in the salon,” owner and groomer Liz says.

Pawmastè grew out of a salon expansion in the winter of 2022, and it reflects Liz’s outlook and calm demeanor. “Originally, I called the shop ‘Rufflections’ which I opened in 2017. We’re in a shopping plaza near Springfield in Palmer, Massachusetts, and were outgrowing our space. When the space next door became available, my landlord asked if I was interested. I said, ‘Yes!’ This doubled our space, and I added what I call a ‘wellness room’ for reiki and massage therapy.”

Are you ready to add enrichment grooming? title typography
by Samantha Palya

n my 27 years of grooming experience, I have had very few dogs and cats that I have had to send home due to the inability to get them groomed.  So, imagine how I felt the day that I was going to have to call a long-term client and tell them that I was not going to be able to handstrip their Irish Terrier anymore…

After a lengthy process, I felt that continuing her groom was going to be not only an unpleasant experience, but an unsafe one as well.  In a last-ditch effort, I grabbed one of our enrichment mats, smeared a tasty treat on it and placed it on top of a box high enough for her to reach. Not only did it become another grooming aid for me, it also provided a positive connection to grooming for Ginger.

So, throughout the next few weeks, we tested this method with other pets, using positive interactions and enrichment activities during the grooming process. And after seeing positive results, enrichment-based grooming has been integrated into our daily grooms ever since.

Grooming Matters
Top 10 tool taboos typography

hen it comes to pet grooming, our tools are essential. Most of us know the horror of having some indispensable implement break and trying to do our job without it. But did you ever consider that sometimes the way we use our tools or products is potentially dangerous? Read on for a list of 10 common ways that we use (or misuse) our tools that should be avoided and why…

Broken Clipper Blades

Clipper blades are not inexpensive, and when one gets a few teeth smashed, it’s a blow. It can be tempting to keep using it, but it’s best not to. Broken blades not only leave an uneven finish, but they can also scrape or cut the pet. Some people try to use them under guard combs, but this can be a problem too; catching hair in the comb, cutting irregularly or even splintering further while being used, causing injury to the pet. Retiring broken blades is the wiser choice. One should also avoid using clipper blades that are dull, as they can cause skin irritations. Blades should always be clean and properly oiled to prevent overheating, which can also damage skin and coat.

Mary’s Musings
Grief and the Pet Professional
by Mary Oquendo
The loss of a pet can cause grieving as intense as the loss of a human. Pets are beloved companions.

met Spirit a little over 10 years ago when I was picking up something from my vet. This four-month-old blind puppy had just been surrendered to my vet clinic. It truly was love at first site. Though it took several months to get him healthy, he eventually joined the pack in my home.

We knew he would have health challenges. The first being the glaucoma we couldn’t get under control, which led to his eyes being removed. Ricky, my Golden Retriever, took him under his wing and started training him to be a pet first aid demo dog. However, Spirit’s first trade show turned out to be Ricky’s last show as he was diagnosed directly after with a heart tumor and was gone shortly following the diagnosis.

Kitty’s Corner
Pamper Your Kittly Clients With Holiday Specials
by Deborah Hansen

veryone enjoys special things during the holidays, and clients especially like to see their kitty pampered and spoiled to get ready for the family festivities. Bringing seasonal specials into your grooming business starting in mid-October can strengthen your current client base while attracting new clients, and late summer/early fall is the perfect time to start planning for these specials.

Everything from holiday goodies to a facial or a special massage will bring the holiday magic into your grooming business. And by posting your holiday specials on social media, you can announce and advertise the extra seasonal touches to your clients for free or at a low cost.

Elevate Your Grooming
The Poodlington Trim title image

by Blake Hernandez

The Poodlington trim is simply putting a Poodle into the best breed standard Bedlington trim that they can be in with their structure. I have had regular doodle clients keep their dogs in a “Doodlington,” and even a few Bichons that like to have an “Asian Fusiongton” headpiece. Once you work it into your repertoire, it is definitely a stand-out haircut.
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