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September 2023
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Contents | SEPTEMBER 2023

by Dr. Cliff Faver
by Mary Oquendo
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Derm Connection
Shampoo & Conditioner: What Do They Really Do?
by Dr. Cliff Faver
In any profession, we have tools that are essential and are designed to make our jobs easier. But the most essential tools for the health and wellbeing of the pets that groomers work with are the products we use. Since they are crucial to our success, we need to be well versed in their function and carefully choose them to enhance our results.

The main product we deal with is our shampoos. They are one of the most misunderstood of all the products we use. The bottom line is, the primary function of shampoo is to clean. It does not hydrate. It does not kill bacteria or fungus (unless you use a specific product type). It is not an anti-inflammatory. It cleans, that’s it. It does so by trapping dirt and removing or stripping oils from the skin’s protective barrier. The amount it strips depends on the harshness of the product used.

Dirt sits on the surface of the skin’s oils, so a mild shampoo that only strips off the very top layer is all that is required to get the pet clean. Using harsh or degreasing products removes too much of the natural oils and can be the source or the start of many skin issues. A good rule of thumb is, if it leaves your hands dry, it is stripping the oils from the pet also. And this compromises the natural protective barrier of the skin.

Mary’s Musings
"Are You Running Your"
"Business More Like a"
by Mary Oquendo
I have one business and two hobbies. I’m not going to discuss hobby number one, as it simply drains money. (Don’t ask me how much my total was for the Amazon order I just placed.) The IRS defines a hobby as “any activity that a person pursues because they enjoy it and with no intention of making a profit.” (Check that box on hobby number one!) And a business is defined as “an activity whose purpose is to make a profit.” That seems to be common sense…but is your business being run as if it’s a hobby rather than a business?
Let’s compare my hobby number two and my business as the IRS would see it:
Threaded 1
The taxpayer carries out activity in a businesslike manner and maintains complete and accurate books and records. A businesslike manner means I have and enforce policies, such as terms of service, waivers, pick-up and drop-off rules, task checklists, and so forth. Business, yes. Hobby, no.

Accurate books and records apply to the finances. I have a business plan and do my books weekly for my business. My hobby has a stack of receipts somewhere. I keep them to verify when the credit card bill comes or if I have to return something. But let’s be honest; unused craft supplies never get returned.

Groomer Story
Beyond Suds and Scents: The Barbara Bird Story typography
by Jennifer Bishop Jenkins
Not enough pet groomers know the totally cool, charming, funny, still-relevant, 83-year-old, ex-hippie groomer named Barbara Bird. She was a pioneer in raising groomer consciousness about the science behind what we do and her life has spanned so much of our history. If you are fortunate enough to see her live online, make sure you catch all the wild colors in her hair and famously fashionable fake fingernails. Coloring the world, both literally and figuratively, is what Barbara is all about.
First a Scholar typography
Her parents met at the University of Arizona in Tucson and so, when she nine years old, they moved back there with her. Though Barbara has lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles as an adult, she lives in Arizona to this day. She was so smart that, as a young woman, she was invited to apply to Stanford University—one of the most elite universities in the nation. Sadly, her father in those days felt that leaving home for academics at that level was not appropriate for a mere woman.

Barbara says, “I grew up in the age of misogyny.” Her dad would only allow her to pursue traditional female roles. She had to stay and study at the University of Arizona at Tucson. Still, she was so bright that she would go on to graduate from college and head right into graduate school at Arizona State for a master’s program. She wanted to study science and she was good at it, but social work was considered a more appropriate choice for a young woman in 1966. While earning her MSW, her scholarship was so impressive that she was selected Phi Beta Kappa, a national honor society for the super-smart.

But Why?
Grooming Sprays That Ease Your Grooming Days
by Jonathan David
When I was a newbie pet groomer working in the very first pet grooming salon of my career, I had a highly skilled mentor. She was the owner of the salon, a graduate of the same school I had attended and she was extremely knowledgeable about the pet grooming industry. I would watch her, wide-eyed and obsessed, as she would scissor the dogs she was grooming. And in my mind, I could only hope that one day I would harness the skills to achieve the smooth finish that she seemed to effortlessly pull off on each of her grooms.

I learned a lot from her, and I credit much of my skill to her relentless combing of my own grooms to find every little hair that was out of place which she would make me fix over and over until it was perfect. Besides the skill of scissoring itself, she taught me about the importance of the coat being in the proper condition to attain such perfection in the scissor work—everything from the shampoos and conditioners you choose to the drying techniques you apply to straighten and stretch the coat, all the way from the skin to the tip of the hair. I was always keen to retain any information about skin and coat care that she mentioned, and one of her lessons that I have never forgot was the use of grooming sprays. Grooming sprays were one of her absolute musts when brushing, combing and scissoring dog hair.

Grooming Matters
Dog standing straight up with green illustrations
Defining the Dewlap
(and Other Curious Canine Anatomical Terms)
by Daryl Conner
Someone recently asked on a grooming social media site, “What are the folds on a dog’s lower lips called?” Several people answered that they are called “flews.” Other people said the flews are the upper lips. I wasn’t sure who was right, so I looked it up. Sure enough, the term “flew” refers to a dog’s upper lip structure. The lower lip crease, which can be problematic because it is a warm, moist area that often becomes infected with sore, smelly dermatitis, is called simply a “lip fold.” My reading also informed me that flews are an essential part of the dog’s system to regulate their body temperature.

While learning about the anatomy of canine lips and mouths, I wondered if there were other terms that might be curious or misunderstood. And of course, there were! Following, you will find some anatomical terms that might be unfamiliar, interesting or maybe even part of your daily vocabulary…

Battling Burnout typographic title
by Brittny Knapp
You know the awful feeling of dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, getting ready to go to a dead-end job you don’t want to be at, working with people and dogs you don’t like, to make money that doesn’t even pay the bills? Well, that’s burnout, my dear.

If you have felt it, then you know exactly what I am talking about. And if you haven’t, you’re lucky. Burnout happens in every difficult job. But, when you work with live animals—especially intuitive animals like dogs—it is crucial you do what you can to avoid it. Dogs sense our frustrations, our disgust for our employers and our inability to deal with the day-to-day stress of grooming, thus creating a perpetual cycle of hatred for what was once your passion. There is no shame in feeling this way. Just know, it’s temporary; however, only YOU can change it. Here are some tips if you are starting to feel trapped by your day-to-day routine.

Better Cat Grooming
Stocking the Bathing Room for Cats
by Lynn Paolillo
As a professional cat groomer, having a well-stocked bathing room is crucial to providing top-notch grooming services for feline clients. Ensuring you have the right supplies on hand can make the bathing experience more comfortable and efficient for both the cats and yourself. In this article, we will explore essential items to stock in your bathing room for cats, including ear and eye cleaning, bathing products and finishing touches.
Eyes and Ears
Cats may accumulate gunk or debris around their eyes. Gentle eye cleaners can include plain saline solution (available at most pharmacies or grocery stores) or cat-specific eye cleaners. They should be free from harsh chemicals and fragrances so as not to irritate the skin around the eyes or the eyes themselves.
Grooming Gab
Dog sitting on grass
"Big News For the New England Grooming Show" and illustration of city across a river
by Kathy Hosler
The ever-popular New England Grooming Show has news…big, BIG news. It is still going to have the product-packed Trade Show, exciting grooming competitions, educational seminars taught by industry experts, fun networking events and more, but it will be at an all new location!

This year’s show, which takes place September 28th-October 1st, 2023, will be held at an exciting new venue, the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. This state-of-the-art convention center boasts over 100,000 sq. ft. of meeting space under one roof. It has a 40,000-sq.-ft. exhibition hall, a ballroom, meeting rooms, breakout space and more. There is even an 8,000-seat arena for special events.

“With the attendance of our in-person grooming shows continuing to climb, The New England Show was no exception. It was time we found a larger venue. So after much searching, we decided on the MassMutal Center in Springfield,” shares Barkleigh Productions president, Todd Shelly.

Elevate Your Grooming
"Hand Scissored Poodlington" typographic title in light/dark brown
by Blake Hernandez
Close-up after front pose photograph perspective of a white colored mini Poodle dog trimmed with the complete classic Bedlington look
Uppercase letter I dropcap in dark brownn this Poodlington tutorial, I’m going to hand-scissor a mini Poodle and show you the best way to achieve the classic Bedlington look so you can take your trims a step closer to perfection!
Close-up before front pose photograph perspective of a white colored mini Poodle dog getting ready to be trimmed with the complete classic Bedlington look
Yes, Dear…
Libby the dog dressed as a pirate
Illustration of waves
by Anjie Coates
Photo by Anjie Coates
Map with dotted lines illustration
  • Libby is an American Bulldog. She is a regular of mine and a sweet girl.
  • Dog
    Libby comes into the salon, shoves open the half-door, and runs down to my table where she hops up and sits wagging.
  • Scissors
    “Umm…Libby, I think we’re skipping some steps here,” I tell her.
  • Dog
    Libby: “No, we do the smooching and the petting and the hugs now.”
  • Scissors
    “Well, here’s the thing, babe…You know I love you, but you kinda stink, so you need a bath,” I inform her.
  • Dog
    Libby gives me the side-eye.
All American Grooming Show 2023 Results
1 best in show Kayla Croteau


Kayla Croteau
betst all around Lindsey Dicken


Lindsey Dicken
Pet Edge Rescue Round-Up
3 rescue 1st Cara Leep


Cara Leep
4 rescue 2nd place Ashley Sims


Ashley Sims
rescue 3rd Rachel Menke


Rachel Menke
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New Products
Shea Butter Shampoo and Shea Butter Spray from earthbath

earthbath® has introduced two new products, Shea Butter Shampoo and Shea Butter Spray, that are formulated for moisture repair and dander care. Rich in ingredients like organic Fair Trade Nilotica shea butter, avocado oil, and organic aloe vera, earthbath’s new shea butter products for dogs and cats benefit all breeds and coat types, especially those with dry, sensitive, or allergy prone skin. In keeping with its commitment to pets, people and the planet, earthbath has created the products with plant-based ingredients that are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, flea-treatment compatible, and cruelty free.

Precision Sharp LYNX Cut Shear Scissor Blade

Randy Lowe, founder of Precision Sharp Co., Precise Cut Shears is releasing the most ergonomic shear on the market today. LYNX™ utilizes Randy’s patented handle design with a sliding thumb that can be positioned at any point along the shank of the shear. The LYNX™ also has a very unique blade design for the straight and curved shears making them extremely lightweight, yet sturdy. The coating is unlike other coatings and will not peel or chip. The LYNX™ line is being released in 7”, 8,” and 9” straight and curved blades, as well as a 7.5”, 28-tooth chunker, a 7.5”, 48-tooth thinning shear, and a unique 60/40 chunker/thinner in 7.5”.

Wisdom & Grace bible verse (Psalm 113:3) sentence with a orange/yellow flamed heat floating in the air and brown cross symbol floating above the heart intertwined through grey chain spikes with seven ray beam sun shaped lights in the distance
Other Industry Events
10/6/2023 – 10/9/2023
Irving Convention Center
Las Colinas, TX
(801) 577-0109

4 Day Conference, 3 Day Trade Show, Groom Team Sanctioned Competitions, & More!
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